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About Us

Lumi-Balance is a skin care line that is totally 100% Organic and Natural. Always trying to find the best products for our skin, it was decided to create our own distinct formula that makes the skin luminous and healing all at the same time that twist is Manuka Honey and Calendula flowers. We only use the highest grade Manuka Honey from New Zealand and the Finest of Organic Ingredients to make our products. There are no fragrances used in our products because they tend to irritate the skin. Instead we only use Essential oils for the Aromatherapy and healing that is derived from our products. Our skin care line was made essentially for all Melanated shades of skin. We want our customers to rely on us for a wholistic, refreshing and rejuvenating experience. All products are pH balanced for the face and the rest of the body.

We welcome you to see and feel the effects of our wonderful products.

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